the underground pro shop.  boutique style, minimalist design, with mural graffiti from slon.

also featuring a design gallery showcasing urban artists and golf photography.


we represent streetwear designers such as fenchurch, ben sherman, penguin, wesc, ragwear, and gsus, as well, the some of the most creative golf brands in the world, bunker mentality, triple bogey, golf refugees, puma golf and lela designs.


located at 202 augusta ave in the heart of eccentric kensington market, downtown toronto.



gallery dates


may 24 - july 24


photography featuring original vintage golf prints from the defunct sport magazine, the pioneers of legendary sport photography.  in partnership with sport gallery distillery district.


photography featuring chris gallow, golf digest. see gallery below.


sneaker art

Kingsbarns 16th Fairway
Kingsbarns 11th Fairway
Prestwick Golf Club
Prestwick Golf Club 17th and 18th
Prestwick Golf Club
Walk Away
Scotish Beauty
Mr Grimm
Chef Ali
VJ Singh